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Franchise cricket has been growing over the years all around the world. Leagues like IPL, CPL, BBL, SA20, etc have pulled so much market and viewership all around the world. With so many lucrative sponsorships, advertisements, businesses, and the interest of the viewers, these leagues are getting bigger and bigger nowadays. Out of the leagues mentioned above, the Indian Premier League is one of the most successful cricket leagues, owned by the BCCI. After the massive success of the IPL, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is looking to launch its own T10 League. We will talk about this in detail in this article.

BCCI Looking To Launch Their Own T10 League

The BCCI launched the IPL (Indian Premier League) way back in 2008. Since then, the league has also grown as a product and we have seen the brand value of the IPL go 43% since the inauguration.

After the massive success of the IPL, the BCCI is looking to launch another league called ‘T10 League’. The officials believe that cricket will expand and become more popular because of its shortened format.

Although the talks of launching a T10 league are at a very early stage. The BCCI is looking at the viable options.

Age limit in the T10 league

According to reports, the BCCI is looking at the age limit of the players in this league. Like a certain age of players can only play in the newly formed league. Just like there are age groups in cricket for example Under-19, Under-23, etc.

Fear of eating IPL’s popularity

The officials also considering this point as what if this new league will begin to eat IPL’s popularity. In the success of the IPL, some of the points played a huge role. Like

  • Unlike any other cricket property, it caters to Indian prime-time viewers.
  • The best players from all around the world play in this league.
  • Corporate India intends to make significant multi-level league investments to maintain the property’s primary income source.

The officials said it is the 2nd point at which they have to think twice. Already, the IPL gets a two-and-a-half-month window where all the big cricketing boards don’t plan a bilateral series and all the big players are available to play.

In that case, the availability of the players is also a concern. Not just foreign players, but Team India also has a home season.

Furthermore, it is now unclear if additional tenders will be requested or if the current IPL franchisees will be granted the right of first refusal. There’s a clause that says franchisees get the first right in any business model that’s ‘ similar’ to the IPL. And as it turned out, the Indian cricket board may be honoring the same.

A New Window For The Newly Formed T10 League

The BCCI is looking at the September-October window for the new T10 league. As we discussed earlier, the availability of the players has to be looked at.

We are already reading and listening that the big franchises will offer the players to play in different leagues in a year and pay for the same. But in that case, the player’s international commitment will be compromised.

Why Franchise Cricket is so Big?

As we all know, the franchise cricket is very big nowadays. The fans take their time out to watch games because the duration of the games is short. Also, the fans loved watching fours and sixes and runs scoring and the shorter format demands this from the players as well.

Apart from fans, if we look at the other stakeholders’ points of view, they make so much money out of it. They sell the broadcasting rights to the broadcasters and the major part of the revenue came from there. Also, they got very good sponsorship deals, advertisements, etc because of the high demand in the viewership.

Entertainment Point of View – A Big Factor

Apart from the game, the fans were also entertained in some other aspects as well. The fans coming in to watch the game in the stadium get to see the other entertaining aspects like music, dance, cheerleaders, and the overall atmosphere.

Superstars Featuring in the Leagues

Some of the best players in the world play in these franchise cricket makes it more interesting for the viewers. They get to see some of the biggest cricketing stars along with the local talent. All of these factors contribute to the success of franchise cricket.

That’s why, franchise cricket, whether it is a T20 cricket or T-10 cricket is getting bigger and bigger. Completing one game of a T-10 league takes about 90 minutes only.


So these are some reports regarding the newly formed 10-10 overs league by the BCCI. The T10 league has already been started by the Emirates Cricket Board in UAE. A few editions have already been done and dusted and now it will be interesting to see if the BCCI officials go on board to launch their own T10 league.

What do you think about this? Comment your opinion below. Thank you for reading the article. Keep following us for the latest updates.

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