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Bangladesh as a cricketing nation has been one of the growing nations in the last 20 years or so. They have found a way to compete with the other big cricketing nations in the world and have produced some amazing performances over the years. But even been in the mix for so many years, their growth hasn’t been up to the mark as other teams have also done well in the shorter time frame. Teams like Afghanistan, Ireland, etc have also done well despite being in international cricket for much less time. Today, we will talk about the major problems Bangladesh cricket has been facing over the years. So let’s start.

Bangladesh cricket team’s growth over the years

Bangladesh cricket team has done well over the years in international cricket and produced some amazing performances for their fans. Their fans are also very emotional for the team and support the team in every highs and lows. 

We have seen the Bangladesh cricket team winning the ODI series against India two times (in 2015 and 2022), Pakistan, South Africa, etc at home. They even won an away series against South Africa recently. That shows that they have the ability to win games against big teams.

Still growing at a very slow pace

Bangladesh cricket has grown up over the years but has grown at a very slow pace. As we discussed earlier, other teams have also shown improvement despite being in international cricket for much less time.

No success in ICC tournaments for Bangladesh cricket

Bangladesh cricket teams have done well in the bilateral series, but they haven’t had success in the ICC tournaments yet. They didn’t have any trophies to their name ever since they came into existence. In the World Cup 2023 as well, they only managed to win 2 games in the tournament.

Let’s now talk about the major problems Bangladesh cricket has been facing over the years.

Major problems in Bangladesh cricket team’s growth

Inconsistency in the players’ performances

Bangladesh has so many good players coming into the team over the years and has done well. But they haven’t done enough to be consistent in their performances. Especially experienced players, who have been a part of the team for so many years.

Taking an example of the recently concluded ODI WC, big players like Shakib al Hasan, Mehedi Hasan Miraz, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mushtafizur Rahman, etc haven’t delivered as per the expectations. So consistency is a big issue that the team needs to address.

Everything is not good between Tamim Iqbal and Shakib al Hasan

When the two big players in the same dressing room are not on the same page, the result will most likely not come in their favor. Both the players have been the pillar of Bangladesh cricket for so many years.

But when we heard that the captain didn’t want unfit players in his team, he pointed towards Tamim, who wanted to play the WC 2023. Eventually, the Bangladesh cricket team went into the tournament without their premium opener. 

Shakib going back home in mid-tournament shows the atmosphere in the dressing room

Shakib al Hasan left the team in a mid-tournament and went back home in Dhaka. Although he came back to join the team for the last few games, but doing this shows there is not much left in the dressing room.

No clarity to the players from the selectors

Mahmudullah cleared that he didn’t even know why he had been ‘rested’ before the WC. The same thing happened in the selection of Tamim Iqbal, who has been said that the selectors are looking to play him in the middle order.

Too many conditions oriented performances

Bangladesh cricket team have won the games in their own conditions, where their spinners came into play. As soon as they got the conditions which are alien to them, they faltered.

Lack of potential players for certain roles

In today’s time, the other teams have big hitters in white ball cricket. They also have out-and-out fast bowlers who can bowl at 145+ consistently. But Bangladesh didn’t have any players who can play those roles as of now.

Lack of mental toughness and self-confidence

Bangladesh cricket team lacks confidence on a big stage. They also didn’t look mentally tough and their childish behavior like celebrating even when the game was not done yet, and doing some stuff on the field (Nagin dance for example), etc have made them look worse in the eyes of the opposition.

Development at the grassroots level is much-needed

Bangladesh cricket needs development at the grassroots level. They need to invest more in their school cricket, domestic cricket, etc. The point we have raised earlier on the lack of certain players for a particular role will be accomplished with this.

Lack of leadership stability

Changing a leader frequently will also hinder the team’s growth. Over the last 10 years, players like Tamim Iqbal, Shakib al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Litton Das, etc all have been made captain of the Bangladesh cricket team. This instability didn’t help them grow as a cricketing nation.

So these are a few problems Bangladesh cricket has been facing over the years. They need to look into it quickly and come back stronger in the future. What do you think about this one? Comment your opinion below. Keep following us for the latest updates.

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