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Shakib al Hasan to hold talks with BCB over participation in Sri Lanka series and captaincy future

Bangladesh’s current all-format captain, Shakib al Hasan is currently playing in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2024 season. He has been suffering from blurred vision in his left eye due to stress since the ICC World Cup 2023. And because of that, his availability in the upcoming home series against Sri Lanka (SL) is still unknown. Shakib al Hasan said he would talk to the officials on this and then take a decision. Along with that, Shakib holds his talk with the BCB over the captaincy’s future in the ODI format. We will give you all the details regarding this and what Shakib has said. So don’t go anywhere.

The availability of Shakib al Hasan in the SL series is still unknown

After BPL 2024, Bangladesh is set to host Sri Lanka for a full-fledged series, consisting of 3 T20Is, 3 ODIs, and 2 Tests. And for that, Shakib al Hasan’s availability is still unknown. Doubts were raised over his participation because of his current situation in his left eye.

Earlier, in a statement, a BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) official said Shakib al Hasan had been diagnosed with a retinal condition in his left eye. They also said Shakib will go through a conservative treatment for the same.

In the ongoing BPL season, Shakib is playing more as a bowling all-rounder and didn’t come out to bat in the last two games as well.

‘Time will tell’ – Shakib told the reporters

When asked about his availability in the Sri Lanka series, Shakib al Hasan said it is not clear yet. He said his focus right now is playing in the BPL 2024 and he will decide on his availability after talking to the officials.

No discussion on the ODI captaincy too

Shakib al Hasan hasn’t had a discussion with the officials regarding his future as the ODI captain. He was not keen to continue in the role after the CWC 2023.

No all-round services by Shakib to Rangpur

Rangpur Riders are missing the all-around services of Shakib al Hasan in the BPL 2024. In this season, he is operating more as a bowler. While talking on this aspect, Shakib said he regretted not being able to give his all-round services to the team. The all-rounder said he would get comfortable the moment he scored consistent runs.

“I have never done this in my life (like) just playing with one side. It is the first time and I feel for Rangpur Riders. I am only able to fulfill half of their expectations,”-  he said.

Adding to that, Shakib al Hasan said he is not thinking about anything (like quitting cricket) and will try to make a comeback.

No clarity on Shakib’s eye problem

Shakib al Hasan met with a few physicians and also went to Singapore and England for consultation with the leading doctors there. But still, the exact reason for his left eye problem is unknown.

When regularly asked about his eye problem, Shakib said – “I don’t know when this will improve. This thing that you are repeating about my eye, eye, eye, eye. There’s no problem in the eye. What you see wearing spectacles, I can see better than you. We are trying to find what has gone wrong.”

BCB officials on Shakib’s psychological problem

It is learned that Shakib al Hasan is carrying a psychosomatic problem along with a problem in his left eye. BCB officials, while explaining Shakib’s present condition to Cricbuzz have said that the doctor (Neuron Ophthalmologists) has suggested a Hypnosis method for stress management and solving psychosomatic problems that Shakib is carrying.

“It can be like he is carrying some problem in his eyes. You can cure the physical problem but how can you cure the psychological problem? Hypnosis is a method, a stress management method through which you can solve a psychosomatic problem and the Neuron Ophthalmologists suggested that through hypnosis they can try and solve the psychosomatic problem that Shakib is carrying.” – BCB officials told Cricbuzz.

What if Shakib al Hasan will not be available in the SL series?

If Shakib Al Hasan misses the SL series, it will be a big setback for the Bangladesh cricket team as the all-rounder has been an integral part of the team. Not just with the bat and ball, the team will miss his leadership and experience. Bangladesh would want him to get rid of his eye problem as soon as possible and get back on the field again. Let’s see how things will pan out.


So this is the update on Shakib’s current eye problem. What do you think? Will he feature in the home series against Sri Lanka? Comment your predictions below.

The series will commence on March 04 with the T20I series. All the three T20Is will happen at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. Chattogram will host the ODI series before the first test begins on March 22 at Sylhet.

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1. How many wickets Shakib al Hasan has taken so far in the BPL 2024?

Till now, Shakib has played 6 games in the BPL 2024 and took 9 wickets.

2. What is the position of Rangpur Riders currently in the BPL 2024?

Rangpur Riders found themselves at the top of the points table with 5 wins in 7 games.

3. Is Shakib captaining the Rangpur Riders side this year?

The franchise has given the captaincy of the team to Shakib for this year. But later, the captaincy is given to Nurul Hasan due to Shakib’s stress management

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